COVID-19 Response




Number of students, across 190 countries, are directly affected by school closures - disrupting the learning and the provision of critical services to children and youth across the world, especially the most disadvantaged.

When the global pandemic hit and schools were closed worldwide, the Learning Passport underwent rapid expansion of its reach. Now all countries with a curriculum capable of being taught online will be able to facilitate online learning for children and youth with devices at home.

Kosovo, Timor-Leste and Ukraine – which have closed their school gates in the past weeks to help halt transmission of the virus – are the first to roll out their online curriculum through the Learning Passport. The content available to school children includes online books, videos and additional support for parents of children with learning disabilities.

The Learning Passport welcomes collaboration with private and public partners on financial support, evolving design, resource mobilization, operationalization and research. Join us!

UNICEF is on the front lines, fighting the novel coronavirus with supplies, support and lifesaving information. Learn more and help UNICEF keep children safe and healthy support. ​


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  • Video- April 20, 2020: Video Message from UNICEF's Executive Director, Henrietta H. Fore

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