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The Learning Passport is an example of how UNICEF partners with business – based on a shared-value approach, where producing social value and addressing its challenges also makes perfect business sense. The Learning Passport welcomes collaboration with private and public partners on financial support, evolving design, resource mobilization, operationalization and research. 

Private Sector Partners

In 2020, funding will be allocated to global project management in HQ and direct country support including the deployment of the Learning Passport to support out of school children due to COVID-19. Multi-year financing is required to support onboarding additional countries, measurement of learning outcomes, and children’s transitions along learning pathways.

We are proud to partner with leading companies to build best-in-class alliances that enhance corporate and philanthropic objectives while helping improve the lives of children around the world through the Learning Passport.  To request additional information, email:

UNICEF Country Office Partners

The Learning Passport is offering to support UNICEF Country Offices in their work with Governments to provide continued access to national curriculum and learning resources for students with connectivity at home through an online web-based platform.

This can involve the following:

  1. Provision of a platform to host the national curriculum (if there is no national platform).

  2. Access to supplementary content and materials around the curriculum to enrich learning (i.e. access to digital libraries, videos, COVID-19 messaging, digital skills content, etc.) as well as resources for teachers, for parents and caretakers.

  3. Capacity development in digital skills


The Learning Passport can also provide access to specific digital learning materials, such as on entrepreneurship and digital skills development, as is currently being developed  in Kosovo and inclusive education for children with disabilities in Timor-Leste. To request additional information, email:


Non-Profit/NGO Partners

If you are interested in using the Learning Passport to support your organization's mission, or for additional details on how to access a UNICEF country-level platform, email:


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