Transforming Societies through equation


Transforming societies through education

A new solution designed to close the learning poverty gap, the Learning Passport is a tech platform enabling high quality, flexible learning


Number of children of primary school age who will not achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading and math




Number of children who are either out of school or have had their education disrupted due to conflict and emergency


Our Mission

 Enable continuous access to education for children and young people around the world and drive improved learning outcomes through high-quality, portable education to support their entry into other education or opportunity pathways, including formal education

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COVID-19 Response

The Learning Passport platform has undergone rapid expansion to facilitate country-level curriculum for children and youth whose schools have been forced to close due to COVID-19. The platform will also provide key resources to teachers and educators. 


About the

Learning Passport

The Learning Passport is a collaboration between UNICEF, Microsoft and The University of Cambridge to address the challenges faced by over 30 million children and youth to access continued, quality education due to disruptions caused by crisis and displacement.

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