Learning Passport 2023 Annual Report

UNICEF's flagship digital learning programme

LP 2023 Annual Report


In 2023, the Learning Passport expanded to 38 countries, with significant growth in the total number of registered users (6.02 million) and courses offered (13,529).

Notable achievements in 2023 included launches in seven new countries (Brazil, Eswatini, Ghana, Guinea, Jamaica, Philippines, and São Tomé and Príncipe) and significant increases in the number of trained users (to 2.73 million) and course completions (to 2.49 million).

UNICEF’s steadfast commitment to inclusive education in crisis situations was evident from its preparedness activities and multifaceted response to emergencies around the world. The programme helped provide uninterrupted education in conflict zones (e.g., Sudan and Syria), learning centers and schools supporting refugees (e.g., Egypt and Poland) and in natural disaster areas (e.g., the Philippines). The innovative Offline solution, which delivers digital learning in areas with limited to no connectivity, was implemented in over 180 schools in Mexico and the Philippines, with a key focus to support scaling in 2024 to meet growing demand. 

LP 2023 Annual Report
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