27 June 2024

Learning Passport Blended Learning Handbook

About the HandbookThe Blended Learning Handbook is a practical guide that provides educators with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to effectively integrate digital learning into physical classroom settings. Designed for teachers of all subjects and age groups, the handbook is an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their teaching practices with blended learning techniques. Key features include: Comprehensive Coverage: The handbook covers essential topics, including the foundations of blended learning, pedagogical strategies, practical implementation tips, and building supportive learning communities.Practical Advice: It offers actionable advice and ideas for creating engaging, inclusive, and effective blended learning environments.Digital Competencies: Emphasizing the development of digital skills, the handbook provides guidance on embedding these competencies across the curriculum.Online Safety and Well-being: It addresses critical issues such as online safety and student well-being, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.  Getting StartedThe handbook is structured to guide educators through the entire process of implementing blended learning. From understanding the basics to exploring advanced pedagogical strategies, teachers will find everything they need to make the most of the Learning Passport platform. Additionally, the handbook includes templates, tutorials, and examples to help educators apply what they learn in real-world settings.Join the JourneyWe invite all educators to explore the Blended Learning Handbook and discover how it can transform their teaching practices. By embracing blended learning, teachers can provide their students with a richer, more inclusive education that prepares them for future success. 
24 March 2024

Bridging learning gaps: Improving digital learning access for offline and hard to reach communities

In 2023, the Offline Learning Passport grew significantly, reaching new countries and making a positive impact on education in diverse contexts. With the deployment of 460 offline hub devices across the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and Lebanon, we bridged learning gaps where children need it most. Let’s delve into the impactful journey of the…, The Philippines: Recovering learning after natural disasters, In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Rai, the Philippines faced unprecedented challenges to its education system. The typhoon left over 29,000 schools damaged or destroyed, particularly affecting one of the most remote regions of the country, leading to weeks of disrupted learning for children. UNICEF responded by distributing 77 offline hub devices…, Zimbabwe: Pioneering the Offline Learning Passport in Africa with the largest offline hub device deployment, A significant milestone was reached later in the year with the arrival of 188 offline hub devices in Harare, making Zimbabwe the first country in Africa to use the Offline Learning Passport. It is also the Learning Passport’s largest fulfillment of offline hub device orders to date. Recognizing the challenges posed by limited infrastructure in…, Mexico: Bridging education gaps with remedial learning in 105 remote upper secondary schools, In November 2023, UNICEF Mexico in collaboration with the Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education (SEMS) and the Sectoral Coordination of Academic Training (COSFAC), launched the Offline Learning Passport programme.   The programme is specifically designed to support upper secondary students by helping them catch up on learning and improve…, Lebanon: Leveraging offline hub devices to reduce internet costs for schools and learning centres, The Learning Passport in Lebanon is helping Syrian and Lebanese children and youths who are out-of-school and training non-formal education (NFE) teachers. It focuses on essential subjects such as basic literacy, numeracy, digital skills, and life skills content. UNICEF Lebanon office received 50 offline hub devices in November 2023. These devices…, The road ahead, As we reflect on the achievements of 2023 and kick off our work in 2024, the Learning Passport team is already busy working on new ways to harness emerging technology for life-long learning, making sure no one is left behind. Our plan is to continue to support countries expand localized and digitized learning material available through the…
12 May 2023

Learning Passport Terms of Use

Welcome to Learning Passport (“LP”), an online web-based, mobile app-based, and offline education platform and learning management system operated by UNICEF, with support from Microsoft.  It is a free platform, and you will never be asked to pay to use it. The LP is typically implemented in partnership with local UNICEF offices and the Education/…, 1. SITE ACCESS, You acknowledge that we may choose, but are not obligated, to make any inquiries, either directly or through third parties, deemed necessary to validate your registration information, including without limitation engaging third parties to provide verification services. Learning Passport reserves all rights to take action against anyone who…, 2. ACCOUNT CREATION, “Users” include the children using the site, their parent or guardian, and any administrator using the site.   All LP websites and mobile apps can be accessed by anyone with a phone number or email account. In order to use LP, you must register for an account. You may be asked a one-time authentication password in connection with your account that…, 3. USE OF THE SITE, 3.1 Parents or Older Children  If you are at least 13 years of age or you are the legal parent or guardian of a child or a teacher interested in using the LP, you may register for an account on the LP using one of the login modalities. You can use any content on the platform available to you. As a parent or teacher, if you register, approve or…, 4. RULES OF USAGE, In each country, the LP aims to create an environment where any user feels comfortable, no matter their nationality, gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or political conviction.   As an administrator and a user, you agree to use this site only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of or…, 5. CONTENT, LP in each country provides educational content and support materials, including documents, workbooks, videos, games and quizzes to help users deepen their knowledge across a variety of topics. Content on each LP is curated by education experts in each country.   If you choose to produce and provide any original content to the LP in your country,…, 6. FOR ADMINISTRATORS, 6.1 Overall responsibilities  If you are school personnel or an LP Administrator, you understand that you are responsible for providing notices and obtaining consent required by laws for students to use digital platforms in your country. Administrators play a very important role in management of LP in each country and must agree not to attempt to…, 7. DISCLAIMER, The United Nations, UNICEF and Learning Passport disclaim any liability or responsibility arising from the use of this site or its content. The United Nations, including UNICEF, its officials, employees, consultants, agents and contractors, will not be liable for any financial or other consequences whatsoever arising from the use of this site and…, 8. TERMINATION; WITHDRAWAL OF RESOURCES, You agree that we may terminate your use of this site, in our sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, and that we shall not have any liability to you for any such action.  Without limiting any of our other rights or remedies, it is our policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances users of this site who are repeat copyright infringers. We…, 9. PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES, Nothing in or relating to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or this site shall be deemed a waiver of any of the privileges and immunities of UNICEF under the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, or other local or international law. , 10. CONTACT US, If you have any questions about this site or Learning passport, please contact us at learningpassport@unicef.org . 
08 May 2023

Learning Passport Privacy Notice

PRIVACY NOTICE  Learning Passport is an initiative of UNICEF, powered by Microsoft. UNICEF is an international organization of the UN system. It understands how important privacy is for users (children, caregivers, teachers) and is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for learners of all ages, in line with its own rules and…, 1. WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT FROM YOU?, Account Information  When you register for an account, the LP requires you to enter your   first name,   last name and   email or phone number.   In addition, most LP countries will request basic demographic information of users, including   gender,   age,   grade,   region, or   any other specific profile field information.   A list of profile…, 2. HOW DO WE USE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?, We will use your personal information only when necessary for the following purposes:  Grant you access to the LP and allow you to use LP  Monitor metrics such as total number of registered users  Communicate with you to provide you with any updates and system notifications   Understand courses and lessons users are enrolled in   Understand the…, 3. HOW DO WE SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?, UNICEF will transfer your personal information only as needed and typically for the purposes of programme improvement. Data from the LP may be shared in the following situations:   With Microsoft, LP’s technology partner, has access to all personal information generated in the platform, and can use the data only for the purposes of providing the…, 4. HOW CAN YOU CONTROL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?, You can request more information about how we hold and use your information or make any other request in relation to your personal information, including withdrawing your permission to use your personal information, correct your data or delete your account and data, by contacting us at learningpassport@unicef.org . Please specify the Learning…, 5. HOW LONG DO WE KEEP YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?, We will only use and store your personal information for as long as it is needed for the provision of the LP services and related operational and programmatic purposes. How long personal information will be stored for depends on the personal information in question and what it is being used for, as well as whether there is any administrative or…, 6. HOW DO WE KEEP YOUR INFORMATION SECURE?, We take great care to protect the personal information you provide us with. All personal information, irrespective of the type of user (students, teachers, and guardians) is protected through appropriate physical, technical and organizational security measures and procedures in line with best industry standards against loss, misuse, unauthorized…, 7. COOKIES, LP does not store any information using cookies. However, cookies are stored in a web browser and when you login to the LP, your browser will recognize you as a user and allow you to stay signed in to use the platform.  , 8. THIRD-PARTY LINKS, The LP platform in some countries contains links to other websites that are not covered by this Privacy Notice, such as Khan Academy, TWIG, COPE etc. and/ or survey tools such as Google or Microsoft Forms. Some third-party links will track your viewing, such as YouTube (owned by Google).   This Privacy Notice applies only to the processing of your…, 9. CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY NOTICE, We may modify or revise this Privacy Notice from time to time and will notify users of any changes by posting the revised Privacy Notice with an updated date of revision on our website. Continued use of the LP following the effective date of such update constitutes a user’s acceptance of the revised Policy., 11. CONTACT US, If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us at learningpassport@unicef.org . , ANNEX 1: Additional Information captured during account registration for different LP countries, ANNEX 2: Names of government and/ or implementing partners for each LP country, Live countries  Ministry name (if LP being implemented with govt)  Other partners (if any)  Bangladesh-Cox's Bazar  No Government Involvement    Costa Rica  Ministerio De Educación Pública (MEP)    Egypt  No Government Involvement  Catholic Relief Services  Eswatini  Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)    Gabon  Republique Gabonaise …